FurnaceHeating systems that are properly installed and maintained can significantly reduce energy costs and improve Indoor Air Quality.  In a forced air heating system, proper care of air filters and professional cleaning of equipment can significantly reduce the level of indoor dust and particulates, including allergens and airborne mold.  It is not uncommon for families with a neglected furnace to suffer from headaches, nausea, fatigue, fitful sleep, static shock and aggravated symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

Professional maintenance from Choice Heating & Cooling guarantees a clean, smooth-running furnace.  You’ll breathe easier,  enjoy cleaner surfaces in your home and more consistent warmth.  Through meticulous inspection, our dedicated technicians will uncover any worn or faulty components that could lead to costly repairs or safety issues.  As houses are increasingly tightened to promote energy efficiency, combustion byproducts are a growing health concern.  High on the list of dangers is carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless and tasteless toxic gas.

If the heating system becomes clogged with dust, your equipment can cook itself.  Poor airflow leads to longer and longer heating cycles and overheating of the heat exchanger.  The return air from the home and hot exhaust from the combustion of gas is kept separate by the heat exchanger.  When natural gas is burned, the byproduct is energy in the form of heat, along with water vapor, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, soot and some nitrogen oxides.  Cracks in the heat exchanger might go unnoticed without professional inspection, but there’s a serious danger of the bad air mixing with the good air you breathe.

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A heating system that is functioning at optimum efficiency and capacity is essential for every home in the Cohoes area.  Through a comprehensive checklist of services, a pre-season tune-up from Choice Heating & Cooling prepares your furnace for the upcoming winter workload, eliminating the majority of repairs and extending system life.  By allowing your heating equipment to operate at maximum capacity, less stress is placed on components.  They will resist wear and tear and less energy is consumed.  That translates into a significant savings in utility costs, repair bills and years of service added to the system.

As with all heating equipment, boiler systems require regular maintenance in order to operate efficiently and safely.  The capacity of any heating appliance deteriorates with use.  Soot production from the combustion process gradually coats the heat exchanger surface.  The critical air-to-fuel combustion ratio is affected by gradual component wear.  Carried out by a qualified service technician, cleaning and adjustment will re-establish the optimum combustion conditions, and with little disruption to your routine, prolong the life, reduce repairs and ensure safe and efficient operation of your boiler.

The Choice Heating & Cooling technicians keep service costs down without sacrificing quality.  As a family- owned business for over 30 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the continued comfort of our neighbors.  Flexible appointment scheduling, prompt performance, and a tidy jobsite, ensure a convenient and rewarding experience when you trust your home comfort to Choice Heating & Cooling.

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