Geothermal Heating and CoolingUnlimited energy from the Earth!

HVACBy taking advantage of a renewable energy source available from your own property, geothermal will out perform any fossil fuel heating/cooling system and provide exceptional comfort throughout every room in your house, year round.  While geothermal costs more to install than a traditional furnace or air conditioner, this innovative solution will generate significantly reduced utility bills and annual maintenance costs.  The savings easily recover the initial investment in just three to five years.

The earth absorbs almost 50% of all solar energy and holds at a near constant temperature of 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Through an underground loop system, geothermal heating and cooling systems draw from this consistent temperature to exchange energy between your home and the earth.  Since geothermal systems do not rely on fossil fuels such as natural gas, threats caused by combustion are eliminated.  There is no danger of flames, hot surfaces, fumes, odors or carbon monoxide.

As a perfect heating source for your home’s radiant system, you’ll enjoy a blanket of warmth under your feet.  On its own, radiant heat can provide a 40% savings over a traditional heating system.  With radiant heat, there’s no ductwork harboring indoor pollutants, no dust mites or allergens circulated in the air you breathe, and no drafts.  Radiant floors provide consistent, silent and efficient heat right where you need it most.

As a family-owned business for over 30 years, Choice Heating & Cooling recognizes the considerable advantages of geothermal heating and cooling for homeowners, as well as for the protection of our environment.  Our team of licensed technicians remains current with leading-edge technology, assuring our customers’ benefit from competent, precise and satisfying service.  We complete projects quickly, neatly and through fair pricing, make sure you get the most value from your investment.  We highly recommend you take a long, serious look at the outstanding rewards of geothermal temperature control, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Through the installation of the WaterFurnace Synergy 3D system, you can regulate temperatures in different areas of your home, and enjoy the most advanced year round comfort on the market today.  The WaterFurnace Synergy 3D provides the rewarding warmth of radiant floors where you need them, while controlling the temperatures in the rest of the house with traditional forced air heating and cooling.  Engineered with state-of-the-art components, the Synergy 3D series takes advantage of the earth as a free energy source to deliver almost $5 of energy for every $1 of electrical energy used, translating into an astounding efficiency rating of 500%.  Compare that to the best traditional furnace, where less than 97 cents of energy is generated for every dollar spent on costly fossil fuels.

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Geothermal HVAC Benefits Cohoes, Troy, East Greenbush, Clifton Park, Schenectady & Albany, NY

Backed by the most impressive warranties in the business, the WaterFurnace Synergy 3D is a more significant investment than a conventional heating and cooling system, but the cost is quickly offset by energy savings of up to 70%, extreme reliability and longevity.  Variable speed blower motor offers up to twelve airflow selections for unparalleled comfort, quiet and energy savings.  Fully insulated cabinet, with durable silver metallic finish, provides lasting beauty and durability.  Large, coated air coil wards off corrosion, extends equipment life, boosts efficiency and provides superior dehumidification during cooling.  Electronic overflow protection eliminates the chance of condensate flooding and extensive property damage due to unseen leaks.  Corrosion-proof drain pan resists growth of mold, mildew and algae.  Dual capacity, scroll compressor guarantees unmatched efficiency and dependability.

Geothermal System Cohoes, Troy, East Greenbush, Clifton Park, Schenectady & Albany, NY

Geothermal systems are clean, safe and environmentally friendly.  No burning of fossil fuels means no chance of carbon-monoxide poisoning, and no emissions of harmful greenhouse gases released into the air.  Installing the groundbreaking WaterFurnace Synergy 3D is the equivalent of planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the road.  This planet-saving technology also utilizes environmentally friendly, non-ozone-depleting R410A refrigerant, and far exceeds performance standards for ENERGY STAR rating.

Choice Heating & Cooling specializes in the design, installation and promotion of geothermal heating and cooling systems.  With years of experience, we are familiar with the local climate conditions and energy costs.  Our dedication to service combined with the highest quality and most sophisticated equipment available in today’s market assure you long-term comfort for your home.

Save money with geothermal energy

Not only will installing a new geothermal HVAC system save on your utility bills every month, but Choice Heating & Cooling offers specials & rebates rewarding homeowners and business owners for lightening their footprint on the planet. For a complete list of offers & rebates, call 518-235-0170!

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