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Air ConditioningThe installation of a modern energy-efficient air conditioning system not only holds temperature to a comfortable level, but also eliminates stickiness and allows for a pleasant night’s sleep.  A licensed and qualified technician is critical for safe and efficient operation of your new system.  When you contact Choice Heating & Cooling for air conditioning installation, every facet of performance will be tested to ensure that all elements are functioning optimally.  Your technician will explain the capabilities and operation of your system for maximum comfort, dehumidification and efficiency.

A central air system allows homeowners to control temperature while keeping windows closed.  Since open windows are a definite security risk, you’ll not only enjoy refreshingly cool comfort but feel much safer as well.  A well-sealed home also prevents the nuisance of insects and noise pollution, while maintaining a much cleaner home.  You’ll also avoid the drift of pollen from trees, weeds and grasses, especially in the early morning, during times of high pollination.   This, along with filters that trap dust and pollens, benefits people who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.

It is critical, when choosing a cooling system, that the size exactly fits your needs.  With air conditioning, size has nothing to do with the physical dimensions of the unit but rather its capacity to produce cooled air.  Larger units cost more and aren’t necessarily your best choice.  Oversized systems cycle on and off frequently, eating up energy and never reaching ideal performance levels for optimum humidity control.  Because of the constant starts and stops, components tend to wear more quickly, leading to excessive malfunctions and shortened lifespan.  An air conditioner that isn’t big enough won’t keep up with load requirements on especially hot days and will run continually.

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The professionals from Choice Heating & Cooling will consider many factors before selecting and designing the ideal solution to your individual needs.  Airflow into and out of rooms must be precisely balanced to promote efficient operation. How well your house is insulated, your personal expectations, climate, hot and cold spots, square footage, windows and doors, ductwork and unconditioned spaces must all be accounted for before installation.

After 30 years in the business, we have the experience and hands-on knowledge to recommend the most innovation options on the market today. Generations of homeowners have relied on Amana brand cooling systems to outlast, out-perform and exceed expectations.  Renowned for quality, the extensive list of residential cooling units is guaranteed to deliver lasting comfort and cost savings, achieving up to 19 SEER.  Manufactured in factories right here in Texas and Tennessee, Amana products go through rigorous quality assurance scrutiny before gracing your home.

An air conditioner is a significant investment.  We offer flexible options for financing your new cooling system.  We strive to facilitate your investment in home comfort, or solve an unexpected emergency need, without straining your budget.  Modern solutions to heat and humidity have greatly improved design and engineering to offer a wide selection of energy-efficient equipment.  Ultra-quiet, reliable operation, convenient diagnostic ports, two-stage operation for superior humidity control, and sleek, weather-resistant cabinets all contribute to long-lasting, cost-effective luxury.  Give us a call at 518-235-0170 to enjoy your summers on a whole new level.  We’re happy to provide the help you need. Click here to fill out our contact form.

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